car light bulbCar lights such as headlights, brake lights, dash lights, turn signals, fog lights, hi-beam lights, cabin lights and plate lights are powered by the 12-volt car battery. The positive terminal goes to a fuse box than to a light switch to turn the lights on and off, the negative terminal goes to the chassis, called the ground. The lights are on a closed-circuit loop, when the light switch is off, no power reaches the headlights.

There are two main types of light bulbs; some such as incandescent bulbs use a wire-type filament that gets hot and glows, the others such as HID lights and Xenon glow brightly when electricity is applied to them. Halogen light bulbs uses a mixture of gas combined with a hot wire. When the light switch is turned on, electricity is sent to the lights, and the light bulbs are actuated when the filament inside the casing receives electrical power.

Stop by out North Attleborough repair shop for any light bulb malfunctions. Our master mechanic check for any burnt out headlight, brake, turn signals, fog and hi-beam bulbs during normal repair service. Before replacing a bulb, we inspect the socket and wiring as well.