Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

diagnostic servicesThere are many car problems that can go unnoticed, and just because you have a check engine light on, it doesn’t mean big expenses. The check engine light illuminates or flashes when something faulty is detected in the vehicle emissions system. This could be as simple as a loose gas cap, or as complex as an engine or transmission malfunction.

Whether you are having an issue with the car engine, electrical system, transmission, evaporative emission control system, or another part of your car, our Advanced Auto Repair North Attleboro mechanics will help you figure out what’s wrong before you start spending money on repairs. We start by transmitting information from your cars computer (On Board Diagnostics, 2nd generation, OBD II for short) into our diagnostic tools. We than utilize our technical expertise in combination with the performance data of the car.

Is your check engine light on? Tell us the symptoms your car is having and let our mast mechanics along with the powerful Diagnostic Tools we have point you in the right direction.