Battery failure is the main cause of automotive breakdown. Car batteries are responsible for starting and maintaining a vehicles power. They also power electrical components and accessories such as lights, windows, and radio. Advanced Auto Repair offers a complete line of Interstate car and truck batteries as well as battery instillation and battery replacement in North Attleboro. We’ll also test your battery, starter and alternator FREE.


If you’re like most people, your car is one of your most valuable investments. Make sure you take care of your investment by providing it with the power necessary to get you where you need to be. With a “factory fresh” guarantee, Interstate Batteries is America’s No. 1 replacement-brand battery in the country.


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  • FREE Battery Test
  • FREE Alternator Test
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  • FREE Battery Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE Recycling of Old Battery
  • Most Cars



interstate powerfast batteryINTERSTATE POWERFAST® BATTERIES

Offers good performance and ample cranking power from Interstate

  • FREE Battery Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE Recycling of Old Battery
  • FREE 18 Month Replacement Warranty
  • Most Cars



interstate mega-tron batteryINTERSTATE MEGA-TRON II® BATTERIES

Experience classic Interstate power from a high electrolyte-to-lead ratio that resists extreme temperatures.

  • FREE Battery Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE 24 Month Replacement Warranty
  • FREE 5 Year Performance Warranty
  • Most Cars



interstate mega-tron plus batteryINTERSTATE MEGA-TRON PLUS® BATTERIES

With high-cranking performance for cold to moderate climates and Climate Shield for hotter conditions, Mega-Tron Plus has you covered no matter where you live.

  • FREE Battery Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE Alternator Inspection
  • FREE 30 Month Replacement Warranty
  • FREE 6 Year Performance Warranty
  • Most Cars



Illustration of lead acid car battery showing lead dioxide plate, lead plate and sulphuric acidHow Batteries Work

A car battery is a rechargeable lead-acid based battery that supplies electric energy to a vehicle powered by the alternator. It powers the starter, lights, radio and ignition system. Typical full-sized, mid-sized and compact car batteries are made of six galvanic cells that provide 2.1 volts each for a total of 12.6 volts. Heavy duty vehicles may have two batteries that provide 24 volts.

When a lead-acid battery is charged, a chemical reaction takes place in the sulfuric acid between the lead plates and lead dioxide plates that releases electrons to produce electricity. When the battery is discharging the acid of the electrolyte reacts with the plates, changing their surface to lead sulfate. This technology has a life cycle of three to five years as the lead plates deteriorate over time from the constant charging and discharging, breaking down the lead molecules.

Signs of a Bad Battery

  1. Slow Engine Crank
  2. Check Engine Light
  3. Dimmed Headlights
  4. Weaker Horn
  5. Low Battery Fluid
  6. Warped Battery Case
  7. Battery Leak
  8. Old Age

Common Battery Problems

  1. Dead Battery
  2. Lose Battery Cables
  3. Bad Alternator
  4. Bad Starter
  5. Bad Ground
  6. Bad Relay
  7. Bad Ignition Switch
  8. Electrical Fuses

Common Battery Drains

  1. Accidentally leaving lights or other accessories on when car is off
  2. Electrical drain on the battery because of a bad relay
  3. Electrical modules not shutting down when car is off
  4. The battery is not being recharged while the vehicle is being driven
  5. Shortage in the alternator causing improper voltage to the battery
  6. Battery is too old and will not hold a charge anymore

North Attleboro Car Battery Replacement

Advanced Auto Repair is a top choice for North Attleboro car battery instillation and battery replacement. Our professional technician check the battery power and the entire starting and charging system to find the exact problem before replacing your car battery.

battery test 1Battery Diagnostic

it takes just minutes to test the battery and charging system, our technicians will check the battery and charging system with a voltmeter. We connect the voltmeters’ positive test lead to the battery positive terminal, and the negative test lead to the battery negative terminal. A fully charged battery should read over 12.6 volts at 80 degrees or 12.588 at 30 degrees. A 12.45 volts or less means the battery is below 75% and needs to be recharged. A 12.24v battery voltage readin is a 50% state of charge, 12.06v is a 25% state of charge charge and 11.89v is a 0% state of charge.

Alternator Diagnostic

After our Advanced Auto Repair technicians charge or jump start the battery if low, the alternator is diagnosed with the same voltmeter while the car is running. A charging system that is operating normally should read 13.8 to 14.3 or more volts at idle. If the charging voltage is less than 13.0 volts, the alternator is not putting out enough voltage to keep the battery charged.

Battery Replacement & Instillation

After a a battery diagnosis, if our Advanced Auto Repair Technicians determine that your vehicle battery isn’t holding charge, we’ll recommend replacing the battery with a new battery. We offer car batteries from leading brands including America’s No. 1 battery brand Interstate Batteries. Before instillation we’ll test the new battery and afterward well test the starting and charging system components for proper charge.

car battery recyclingBattery Recycling

Car batteries are number 1 recycled product in the United States. Advanced Auto Repair will recycle your old battery whether or not you buy a battery from us. Car batteries are plastic filled with lead and acid. If not disposed of appropriately, they cause great harm to the environment. When a car battery is recycled, the acids are neutralized, the lead is separated, and the plastic is reused. Improper battery disposal release toxic chemicals into the soil and water supplies, that is why Advanced Auto Repair cares about battery recycling.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Dirty and corroded battery terminals significantly reduce electrical contact, making it difficult to charge the battery and start the car. Advanced Auto Repair will clean caked-on corrosion from the terminal posts and cable ends, apply anti-corrosion spray, and install felt corrosion to restore and maintain proper electrical contact. We will also place a protector pad around the posts to help protect against future corrosion.

battery cablesBattery Cable & Terminal Replacement

Battery cables and terminals transfer current from the battery to electrical components. If your car is having difficulty starting, you may have an issue with your battery cables. Advanced Auto Repair technicians inspect the condition of battery cables and terminals, compromised battery cables or terminals can reduce the current traveling to the starter. Replacing a car’s battery cables is an inexpensive fix and can preserve the life of the battery, alternator and starter.

Advanced Auto Repair offers full automotive battery diagnostic, instillation, and replacement on cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Serving Massachusetts, Rode Island, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham, Foxborouh, Mansfield, Norton, Cumberland and Pawtucket.