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Check Engine Light On? Advanced Auto Repair offers a Free Check Engine Light Code Scan Retrieval Service for quick and accurate answers. After retrieving the Fault Code from the OBDII, our experienced mechanics will discuss your diagnostic and repair options free of charge.



Check Engine

Check Engine Lights also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp is a signal from the car’s engine control unit and on-board diagnostics system (OBDII) that there is a problem with the emission system. The OBDII monitors a bunch of sensors to make sure the proper amount of oxygen and gasoline are burned at the right temperature. The check engine light indicates anything from a loose gas cap to major problem.

common-check-engine-light-problemsCommon Check Engine Codes

  1. Faulty O2 Sensor
  2. Loose Gas Cap
  3. Catalytic Converter
  4. Ignition Coil
  5. Spark Plug or Wires
  6. Mass Air Flow Sensor
  7. Cracked or Loose Hose
  8. Engine Humidity
  9. Blown Head Gasket
  10. Deteriorating O-Ring

Other common problems when the Check Engine Light is lit are; misfire, overheating, access gas use, access pollution or damaging the engine. Occasionally, the Check Engine light comes on when nothing is wrong with the car and go off by it self.

North Attleboro Check Engine Scan Service

If your Check Engine Light is on, come to Advanced Auto Repair for a FREE CHECK ENGINE CODE READING in North Attleborough, MA. Our highly trained mechanics will retrieve the codes FREE of charge and discuss your diagnostic and repair options.